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Lux Nail Bar is the best Nail Spa in Annapolis, and we’re ready to bring out your good looks. Whether you’re hoping to get ready for a night out on the town or want to look great for that upcoming event, we’ve totally got you covered from head to toe. Stop by our Nail Spa and check out what our staff of professional experts have to offer!


                              F/S        F/I

Acrylic Tips/Overlay  $30        $20

Powder Gel              $45        $25  

Liquid Gel                $50        $35

Liquid Gel P&W        $75        $55

Tips w/ Shellac         $50/$60 $40/$45

Silk​                          $60       $30

SNS (Dipping Powder)$45 (w/Take Off)

Solar Nails               $45        $25

Solar Pink & White     $60        $45

Pink Only                  $30




Classic Pedicure (30mins) $30

Pamper your feet with this special pedicure. Your feet will be treated with a mineral soak, nail shaped, cuticles trimmed, re-roughed, massaged with a vitamin therapy feet treatment cream. finish off with hot towel and the polish of your choice.

LUX Signature Pedicure (40 mins) $40

Treat your feet with marine masque in this pedicure! Hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays and menthol make for a rejuvenating masque that awakens the sense. Your feet will feel soft, moisturized and cool for hours

  1. Milk & Honey Pedicure (40mins) $45

  2. White Tea Pedicure (40mins) $45

  3. Pomegranate Pedicure (40mins) $45

  4. Lemon Pedicure (40mins) $45

  5. Tangerine Pedicure (40mins) $45

  6. Grapefruit Pedicure (40mins) $45

  7. Vanilla Wild Plum Pedicure (40mins) $45

  8. Colada Pedicure (40mins) $45

  9. Organic Pedicure (40mins) $45 ​​

Jello Pedicure (50mins) $55

Natural herbs Ginseng, Crystal Mud & Aloe Vera

Hot Stone Pedicure (50mins) $55

Enter the state of total bliss as your tired feet relax in a lavender bath of sea salt. The dream only gets better as your skin is massaged and exfoliated with a scrub. Treat your feet to a luxurious, hot rock foot reflexology massage. A warm paraffin foot treatment seals the deal and send you into a nirvana (a scrub: Milk & Honey, and White Tea...)

Peppermint Pedicure (1 Hour) $65

A softening hydrating, aroma therapeutic bath treatment tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil to relax those muscle aches. Next a pedicure will be performed with peppermint granules, leaving skin tingling and refreshing feels. Also followed but a deep penetrating technique to soften over dry crack heels. After a paraffin treatment, your feet are massaged with a hot lava stone to relieve tension and produce a deep state of relaxation.

Super Deluxe (1 Hour 15) $80

Combination of peppermint pedicure & Jello




Classic Manicure $15

Gel Manicure Color $30/French $35/Take off $5

LUX Signature Manicure (30mins) $25

Hot Stone Manicure (35mins) $35


Eyebrows $10

Eyebrows Tint $20

Lip $7

Chin $8

Side Burns $10

Complete Face $40

Under Arm/Half Arm $15/$25

Full Arm w/ Hands $45

Bikini $25+

Brazilian $50

Lower/Upper/Full Leg $30+/$40/$65

Back or Chest $50


Acrylic Nails Repair $3+

Gel Nails Repair $5+

Pink & White Repair $6+

Silk Repair $6+

White or Pearl Tips $5

Cut Down only $5

Callus Removal $5

French/American (Hands/Toes) $5/$6

Polish Change Hands $7

Polish Change Hands (w/French) $10

Polish Change Toes $10

Polish Change Toes $10

polish Change Toes (w/French) $15

Take Off $14

Take Off w/Manicure $25

Take Off w/Full Set $5

Paraffin Treatments (Hands) $6

Paraffin Treatments (Feet) $8

Paraffin Treatments (Hands & Feet) $12

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